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Feedback from some of our best and most loyal customers.

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This is the only perfume that I wear! I get endless compliments and I don’t leave the house without putting it on! I love the new packaging and website. Can’t wait to get my next order!

Cheyenne Kimball
Customer Since 2010

I love, love, love Pure Krush! I bought my first bottle at the former storefront in Pigeon Forge, TN. It’s my go-to when I want to feel confident and pretty (and dare I say- sexy!) I love that it lasts all day without fading yet isn’t overpowering. My husband goes crazy over it so I consider this an essential for our life!! I’m a customer for life!

Cassandra Ellison
Customer Since 2015

This is ABSOLUTELY MY FAVORITE!!! I get endless compliments on how wonderful I smell. I'm addicted to Pure Krush and I get a little anxiety ridden when I see I'm running out..gotta have my Pure Krush!!!

Me and a friend were working in Pigeon Forge one summer and we saw Shannon's Oil Boutique and decided to stop in and look around. Shannon showed us Pure Krush and I thought it smelled incredible so I purchased a bottle. That was about 5 years ago and I have been buying it ever since, and my daughter loves it so I usually get her a bottle for Christmas. I'm so glad I can order it online. When I have it on everyone always says how good I smell and asks me what I'm wearing. It is my absolute favorite scent and I only wear it on special occasions, because I don't want to run out. It smells lush and delicious. Sometimes I think of stockpiling it because I don't ever want to be without it!

Sherry McCarthy
Customer Since 2016

Christina Novello
Customer Since 2015

I was VERY pregnant and one of your customers walked into my Storage Locations to pay a bill in Carrollton, TX. I smelled her immediately as she walked into the door. I questioned her about her smell like she had done something wrong LMBO!! She told me all about it and how to get some myself. That was before it was sold online! Now I have it non-stop! AND EVERYONE LOVES IT!! Including my MAN!! I truly believe this was one of the reasons that I have and have kept my MAN! (Wink Wink!)

My wife and I visited the Oil Boutique Store in Pigeon Forge in 2016. Shannon, the owner, told us about this AWESOME fragrance that she wore that people loved called Pure Krush. After she let us smell the Pure Krush, it was an instant attraction for my wife. She fell in love with it. Everywhere she went and wore it, people gave her compliments of how nice she smelled. I just want you to know that Pure Krush has made me and my wife's day. Thank you soooooooooo much Pure Krush!

Krystal Meeks-Hinckley
Customer Since 2014

Marty Watkins
Customer Since 2016

This product is simply amazing. I have always been a cologne guy, spending hundreds of dollars on many kinds. The past few years Creed Aventus has been my go-to but now this takes the place of it! You will NOT find a more satisfying men's scent over Pure Krush. *Hint, add this with the Creed!! Might I add my wife has the for her perfume and it's irresistible!

Michael Jones
Customer Since 2019

Around 2016, I found a store in Pigeon Forge and decided to purchase Pure Krush. Everyone wanted to know what fragrance I was wearing. I went back to purchase more and noticed that it's sold online, so I ordered. Pure Krush is an addiction, and whenever I run out, I am always ready to replenish.

Mary Rosen
Customer Since 2017

The most amazing perfume I’ve ever worn. I’ve never received more compliments on another scent. So happy this website is up and running and so excited for all the new things to come. Great work! So amazing!

Bridgette Hansen
Customer Since 2018

I LOVE Pure Krush!!! So does my man. I get a lot of "you smell so good" compliments. I can't wait till the body butter comes out.

Alesia Cooper
Customer Since 2017

The absolute BEST! I will never wear anything else!!! I love this unique and fresh scent!!

Erin Mckinney
Customer Since 2019 Pure Krush! I get so many compliments on it.

Tina York
Customer Since 2015

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