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The Story

While working at a big box clothing/beauty store we were selling perfumes to millions of women that were filled with alcohol and water. I wanted to create a unique scent for myself with healthier alternatives for my skin. I spent several months researching pheromones and different oil-based products.

With approximately 26 different formulas which I tested out on myself in my store, I narrowed it down to a product that began to get rave reviews. I would be at restaurants, the gym, the mall and pretty much anywhere I went and I was constantly being asked what fragrance I was wearing.

After several months of continuing to give away my bottles for free I decided to move forward with marketing and selling Pure Krush. With the help of my now husband building the website, Pure Krush has grown in a completely organic way. Although we are a US based company and developed our roots here, we now have customers across the world.

We have decided to bring in a distributor program due to the fact that I am asked on a weekly basis how people could become involved with the company. We are excited to expand the product line in 2020 with new packaging and a body butter.

The feedback from our customers regarding their incredible experiences with Pure Krush grow on a daily basis. We have decided to put up a testimonial page on Pure Krush and we welcome your stories and experiences wearing Pure Krush. If you send a testimonial in we will respond with a 15% off coupon code. We would like to thank all of our customers and distributors for 13 amazing years of Pure Krush.

- Shannon Welsh, Owner

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