Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Pure Krush?

Pure Krush is $34.95 per 1 ounce bottle, $19.95 per 1/3 ounce bottle, and $7.95 for shipping. We ship via USPS Priority Mail.

How soon will I recieve my order from the time I place it?

Your order should typically ship within 3-5 business days. There is an increased shipment time during peak holiday seasons.

How much Pure Krush is in a bottle?

Pure Krush comes in a 1 ounce cylinder glass bottle with a silver/black/white cap, a 1/3 ounce cylinder glass bottle with a black cap, or a 1/3 ounce rectangular glass bottle with a silver cap. All bottles have a roll-on applicator.

I am the owner of a store and I would like to carry Pure Krush. What should I do?

Please visit the distribution page to inquire about selling Pure Krush in your store. Submit a request to become a distributor.

Where is the best place to keep my Pure Krush?

Always keep Pure Krush in a warm place. It reacts with body heat and the oil will stabilize and it will not be as strong if you keep it in a cold environment.

Why does my Pure Krush work better in the summer?

Pure Krush reacts with body heat, and during the summer your body temperature is higher and you sweat more. These factors increase the strength of Pure Krush.

How do I apply Pure Krush?

Apply a generous amount of Pure Krush, beginning on the inside of your wrist and rolling up your forearm, then rub your forearms together.  In warmer months, you may also apply Pure Krush behind your knee or behind your ear.

Why does Pure Krush smell different on me than on others?

Pure Krush will mix with each individual's body chemistry and form a distinct scent. The pheromones in Pure Krush and in your body mix and develop a unique smell. We have yet to hear from a customer that did not love Pure Krush.

What is the shelf life of Pure Krush?

Pure Krush pheromone oil has no shelf life. The scent will never fade.

What Happens Once I Place My Order?

Shortly after you place your order you will receive a tracking number
via email which will allow you to continuously track your package.

Who Owns Pure Krush?

Pure Krush was developed and is owned & operated by Shannon Welsh DBA Pure Krush.